Featured Work          


Single, 2020 

 Composed by SL 

 Performed by: 
 TCORCME | The City of Rome Contemporary Music Ensemble 
 Guitars, Bass, Programming: SL 
 Drums: Marco Rovinelli 

 ARTWORK: COLOORA / Ph. by Caterina Di Perri 
 Label: COLOORA  

Once upon a time, there was a king with three daughters. The King loved his daughters dearly, but he did not know how much they loved him back. So one day, the King called all his daughters before him and asked, “How much do you love me?
The Eldest responded, “I love you as much as the bread we eat.” Bread was the main staple in the kingdom, so the King concluded she must love him a lot.
The Middle Daughter excitedly said, “As much as wine!” Good clean water was hard to come by, so wine was an important substitute. The King concluded that she must love him a lot, but not as much as the Eldest.
The Youngest Daughter thought for a moment, and replied “Oh Father, you are as dear to me as salt.” Salt was the smallest dish at the dinner table, not a meal or drink important to the kingdom. The King concluded that she must not love him at all. The King had the Youngest Daughter dismissed, and forbid her from coming into his presence.

The Youngest Daughter was heart broken because she truly loved her father. The Youngest Daughter needed to have the King understand how important he was to her- without disobeying his order. The little princess came up with a plan and, with assistance of the castle’s Cook, had it put into action immediately.
That night, the royal court sat down to dinner. The food looked so delicious, the King was excited to get started. But to the King’s surprise, the food tasted horrible. There was no flavor to anything, each bite had a terrible blandness.  The King ordered the Cook to give an explanation.
The Cook replied, “Excuse me your Highness, I heard how much you detested salt and it’s unworthiness. Thus I banned salt from my kitchen. Other than that, I have cooked the meal same as I usually do and you can rest assured that I will continue to cook meals without said offensive salt.” It was at that moment the King realized what the Youngest Daughter had meant. Salt gave variety, without it the meal would be bland. The King concluded his Youngest Daughter loved him very much. He had her sent before him, and apologized for his mistake.
From then on, the Royal family lived happily and the King never again questioned how much his daughters loved him.