TV SERIES 12x50’

Starring:Barbora Bobulova
Lino Guanciale
Sophie Pfennigstorf
Stefi Celma
Elena Radoncich
Giacomo Giorgio
Desirée Popper
Vincenzo Ferrera
Fausto Maria Sciarappa
Alessio Vassallo
Manda Touré
Florian Fitz
Directed by:Carmine Elia
Music by:Stefano Lentini 

The story of Survivors revolves around the Arianna, a sailing boat carrying twelve passengers which sets off on an ocean crossing. After a few days of navigation, and on account of a violent storm, the boat disappears off the radar. One year later, just off the Venezuelan coast, the wreckage of the boat is discovered with only seven people still alive on board. What happened to the others? Each episode charts the complex events following the return of these survivors, alternated with the terrible period of time they spent adrift at sea, in order to gradually uncover the secrets of their journey.

(Original Television Soundtrack) [DIGITAL]


Act I - Prelude
Act II - Memories
Act III - Afar
Act IV - Woke Up
Act V - Dark Turn
Act VI - Lights
Act VII - Lacrimosa K626 Revisited
Act VIII - The Return
Act IX - Messages
Act X - Alive
Act XI - Strategy of Tension
Act XII - Man Overboard
Act XIII - Homecoming
Act XIV - Suspicion
Act XV - The Past
Act XVI - The Present
Act XVII - The Future
Act XVIII - True Love
Act XIX - Hypermemory
Act XX - Echoes
Act XXI - Finale


O.I.C. Orchestra Italiana del Cinema | Conductor: Daniele Belardinelli
Concertmaster: Alberto Mina | Cello: Luca Pincini
Piano: Gilda Buttà and Michelangelo Carbonara
Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programming: Stefano Lentini
Flute: Giuseppe Di Liddo | Oboe: Luca Vignali | Clarinet: Luca Cipriano
French Horns: Rino Pecorelli, Lorenzo Del Sorbo, Giuseppe Calabrese, Mariele Ecca
Trombones: Marco Vinicio Ferrari, Francesco Piersanti | Drums: Marco Rovinelli
Artistic production: Coloora | Soundtrack produced by Rai Com
Mixed by SL & Simone Sciumbata
Mastered by SL at Coloora Studio