La Porta Rossa 3

The Red Door Se03

Starring:Lino Guanciale
Gabriella Pession
Valentina Romani
Elena Radoncich
Carmine Recano
Pierpaolo Spollon
Pia Lanciotti
Gaetano Bruno
Directed by:Gianpaolo Tescari
Music by:Stefano Lentini 

Three years have passed since Vanessa left with Federico without looking back, leaving Cagliostro trapped between life and death. Today the girl attends a university in Slovenia, the Center for Studies of Parapsychology. Cagliostro has broken all relations with her and, when Eleonora asks for her help to free her from the influences of that mysterious place, he refuses.

Anna is about to leave the city, she has won a competition as a judge in Siena and is finally hoping for a new beginning for her and her daughter. Commissioner Paoletto finds himself facing the problems of the city and an emotional mystery at the same time: although their relationship seemed to be going well, Stella asked him for a break and disappeared. One night, during a protest march against a power plant with a high environmental impact, the city of Trieste plunges into darkness. Among the drawbacks of the great blackout there is also a bad road accident: a vehicle goes off the road and crashes into an escarpment. The person who was driving dies.

It is an excellent death, which changes the fate of all the characters and brings them again - for the last time - to investigate together with dramatic and unpredictable developments. Anna and Paoletto on one side; Vanessa and Cagliostro on the other, but with big news: in this case both could be guilty. They will suspect each other, while trying to figure out what is the invisible but very strong thread that has always linked them. Will they be able to find out? And in the end will Cagliostro be able to cross the Red Door?

(Original Television Soundtrack)


01. It’s Not Impossible (Season 3) [Feat. Charlie Winston]
02. Come to Your Senses
03. Big World
04. Electric Suite in C minor
05. Beethoven Revisited - Sinfonia N.7 Mov. 2 (Remastered by Stefano Lentini) 
06. Three-Part Invention
07. Irreplacable
08. Gutta Cavat Lapidem
09. New Sould
10. Proof of Love
11. Ghost Town
12. Rolling in the Deep
13. Danza Ferma
14. This is the End


It’s Not Impossible
Written by Stefano Lentini and Charlie Winston
[Rai Com / Coloora / BMG / Square Round]
performed by:
Gilda Buttà: Piano
Andrea Marzari, SL: Guitars
Andrea Torresani: Bass
Marco Rovinelli: Drums
SL: Programming
Mixed by Geoff Foster at AIR Studios, London UK

Soundtrack performed by:
Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della RAI and
Orchestra di Roma
Conducted by: Emanuele Bossi and Daniele Belardinelli
Concertmaster: Alessandro Milani, Carlo Ranfaldi, Alberto Mina
Cello: Luca Pincini
Piano: Gilda Buttà
Guitars, Bass, Piano, programming: Stefano Lentini
Drums, Marco Rovinelli

Stefano Lentini thanks:
O.S. Acoustics, Metric Halo Interfaces, FabFilter, AMS Neve,
Argentini, Lewitt, Artnovion, Tegeler Audio Manufaktur, Orchestral Tools.

Rai Com and Stefano Lentini © SIAE 2023