Stefano is a music composer based in Rome, Italy. His first instrument was a classic guitar made by his grandfather, who was a carpenter, out of some old wardrobe doors.

He is a multi-instrumentalist known for his unconventional scoring in which he combines classical music with progressive and electronic influences. He collaborated with director Wong Kar-Wai on the feature film's soundtrack "The Grandmaster" nominated for 2 Academy Awards. He has produced music extensively for film, television and documentary. He collaborated with has collaborated with many artists including Sophie Hunger, Charlie Winston, Raiz, Tom Baxter. He won a Double-Platinum Record and a Gold Record and passed the 150 million streaming mark on Spotify and YouTube.

“I’m seriously obsessed with three things: composing, recording and manipulating sound. Film music came as a gift, the possibility to change the expressive universe every time, reshuffle cards, play new games. I love originality and independence, I seek this in others and work to improve mine every day”. - SL



Mare Fuori Se04 (TV Series - Italy) 12 episodes 2024
Studio Battaglia  SE02 (Tv Series - Italy) 6 episodes: 2024
• Mare Fuori Se03 (TV Series - Italy) 12 episodes 2023
• La Porta Rossa Se03 (Tv Series - Italy) 8 episodes: 2023
Studio Battaglia (Tv Series - Italy) 8 episodes: 2022
• Survivors
(Tv Series - Italy/Germany/France) 12 episodes: 2022

• The Sea Beyond Se02  [Mare Fuori 2]  (TV Series) (12 episodes) 2021
• Gli Orologi del Diavolo (Tv Series) - (Italy/Spain 8 episodes) 2020
• The Sea Beyond [Mare Fuori] (TV Series) (12 episodes) 2020
De Sable et de Feu (Feature Film | Italy, France, Morocco) 2019
• La porta rossa Se02 (TV Series) (12 episodes) 2019
Liberi di scegliere (TV Movie) 2018
• La porta rossa (TV Series) (12 episodes) 2017  
Tainted Love (Short, Italy/Bulgary) 2017
The Ballerina (Feature Film, USA 2017)   
Taranta on the road 2017  
Braccialetti rossi Se03 (TV Series) (5 episodes) 2016  
Braccialetti rossi Se02 (TV Series) (6 episodes) 2015 
• Braccialetti rossi (TV Series) (8 episodes) 2014 
• Maresia (Feature Film, Brazil) 2016  
The Nest of the Turtledove (Feature Film, Ukraine/Italy) 2016
Jehanne (Short, France) 2015  
Tango per la Libertà (TV Mini-Series) (2 episodes) 2014  
Sarà un paese (Documentary, Italy) 2014  
Non è mai troppo tardi (TV Movie, Italy) 2013  
Country of Bodies: Bombay in Dance (Short, India) 2013  
Ausgepresst Wie Zitronen (Documentary, Germany) 2013  
The Grandmaster (co-composer) Feature, 2013
Waves (Feature, UK) 2012  
Ailes De Mercure (Short, Canada) 2012  
Sfiorando il muro (Documentary, Italy/France) 2011
• Silvio, One of Us (TV Movie documentary, Italy) 2010  
Skin Deep (TV Movie documentary, Australia)2010
• Il sorteggio (TV Movie, Italy) 2010  
La nuova armata Brancaleone (Short, Italy) 2009  
399  B.C. (Documentary short, US) 2009  
Bakhita (TV Movie Italy, Burkina Faso) 2008  
Monitamal (Documentary short, Italy) 2008
Torpedos im Morgengrauen - Das letzte Schlachtschiff des Kaiser
(TV Movie documentary, Italy-Austria) 2006  
Redcod (Documentary short, Italy) 2006  
Shooting Silvio (Feature Film, Italy) 2005  
La via del successo (Short, Italy) 2005  
Excellent Cadavers (Documentary, Italy) (co-composer) 2005